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Referees for U16 & U13, Final Days

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Patrick Bulwana of Border referees has been appointed to referee the prestigious last match of the 2017 Grant Khomo Week and Mothusi Shuping of the Golden Lions referees has been appointed to do the last match of the Under-13 Craven Week.

By Paul Dobson, Moonsport

Appointment to the big match of the last day is usually the reserve of the referee rated the best at the tournament.

Grant Khomo Match Officials

Day 3, Friday, 14 July 2017

A Field
09.30: Sharks vs Lions
Referee: Anovuyo Fakade
Assistant referees: Patrick Bulwana, Local

11.45: Free State vs Border
Referee: Morné Ferreira
Assistant referees: Anovuyo Fakade, Local

14.00: Western Province vs South Western Districts
Referee: Patrick Bulwana
Assistant referees: Morné Ferreira, Anovuyo Fakade

B Field
09.30: Zimbabwe vs Namibia
Referee: Alex Jonker
Assistant referees: Kwezi Mqomboti, Local

11.45: Valke vs Eastern Province
Referee: Shemea Mushuribindi
,Alex Jonker, Local

13.00: Boland vs Blue Bulls
Referee: Kwezi Mqomboti
Assistant referees: Shemea Mushuribindi, Local

C Field
09.30: Free State XV vs Western Province XV
Referee: Viv-Richard Adams
Assistant referees: Renier Vos, Local

11.45: Limpopo vs Griffons
Referee: Renier Vos
Assistant referees: Viv-Richard Adams, Local

D Field
09.30: Border Country Districts vs Leopards
Referee: Pieter Janse van Vuuren
Assistant referees: Darren Colby, Local

11.45: Pumas vs Griquas
Referee: Darren Colby
Assistant referees: Pieter Janse van Vuuren, Local

Under-13 Craven Week Match Officials

Day 4, Friday, 14 July 2017

A Field
08.30: Boland vs South Western Districts
Referee: Basil de Donker
Assistant referees: Mothusi Shuping, Local

10.45: Blue Bulls vs Lions
Referee: Johan Pienaar
Assistant referees: Basil de Donker, Local

13.00: Eastern Province vs Western Province
Referee: Mothusi Shuping
Assistant referees: Johan Pienaar, Basil de Donker

B Field
08.30: Namibia vs Griffons
Referee: JP Nel Marnus Meiring, Local

10.45: Valke vs Sharks
Referee: Marnus Meiring
Assistant referees: JP Nel, Local

C Field
08.30: Zimbabwe vs Griquas
Referee: Quinton Janse van Rensburg
Assistant referees: Joey van Heerden, Local

10.45: Limpopo vs Border
Referee: Joey van Heerden
Assistant referees: Quinton Janse van Rensburg, Local

D Field
08.30: Pumas vs Border Country Districts
Referee: Philip Kotze
Assistant referees: Eon van Zyl, Local

10.45: Leopards vs Free State
Referee: Eon van Zyl
Assistant referees: Philip Kotze, Local advert