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Referees for U18 Weeks at Saints

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The Under-18 Craven Week and the Under-18 Academy Week both start at St Stithians College in Randburg this week.

By Paul Dobson, Moonsport

The teams are divided into two groups, playing on alternative days. The group that starts on Monday, plays its next matches on Wednesday and Saturday. Tuesday's group plays its next two rounds on Thursday and Saturday.

The fixtures for Rounds 2 and 3 depend on what went on in the round before in an effort to match strength against strength.

The match officials have been appointed to the first two days.

Mpho Matsaung has the honour of blowing the whistle to start the 54th Craven Week while Christopher Allison will get the Academy Week going.

Aimee Barrett-Theron is the first woman to be appointed to referee at Craven Week. She has her first match to referee on the Tuesday.

Match Official Appointments

Under-18 Craven Week

Monday 17 July 2017

08.30: Griffons vs Griquas Country Districts
Referee: Mpho Matsaung
Assistant referees: Pieter Maritz, Aimee Barrett-Theron
Assessor: Willie Roos

10.05: Limpopo vs Border Country Districts
Referee: Stephan Geldenhuys
Assistant referees: Johre Botha, Divan Uys
Assessor: Pierre Oelofse

11.35: Free State vs Boland
Referee: Oregopotse Rametsi
Assistant referees: Archie Sehlako, Pieter Maritz
Assessor: Thuso Mngqibisa

13.15: Western Province vs Pumas
Referee: Eduan Nel
Assistant referees: Divan Uys, Johre Botha
Assessor: Jacques Hugo

15.30: Golden Lions vs Border
Referee: Paul Mente
Assistant referees: Aimee Barrett-Theron, Archie Sehlako
Assessor: Pierre Oelofse

Tuesday 18 July 2017

09.00: Valke vs Namibia
Referee: Divan Uys
Assistant referees: Paul Mente, Eduan Nel
Assessor: Willie Roos

10.35: Leopards vs Zimbabwe
Referee: Johre Botha
Assistant referees: Stephan Geldenhuys, Mpho Matsaung
Assessor: Pierre Oelofse

12.05: Griquas vs Eastern Province Country Districts
Referee: Archie Sehlako
Assistant referees: Oregopotse Rametsi, Paul Mente
Assessor: Thuso Mngqibisa

13.45: South Western Districts vs Eastern Province
Referee: Aimee Barrett-Theron
Assistant referees: Mpho Matsaung, Stephan Geldenhuys
Assessor: Jacques Hugo

15.30: Blue Bulls vs Sharks
Referee: Pieter Maritz
Assistant referees: Eduan Nel, Oregopotse Rametsi
Assessor: Thuso Mngqibisa

Under-Academy Week

Monday, 17 July 2017

08.00: Red Valke vs Limpopo
Referee: Christopher Allison
Assistant referees: JP Clements, Phumzile Mbewu
Assessor: J Venter

09.20: Eastern Province Country Districts vs Griquas Country Districts
Referee: Nathan Swartz
Assistant referees: Christopher Allison, Blake Beattie
Assessor: D Oberholzer

10.40: Sharks Country Districts vs Griffons
Referee: Nico Schmahl
Assistant referees: Nathan Swartz, JD de Meyer
Assessor: J Alberts

12.00: Eastern Province vs Griquas
Referee: Sinethemba Mrulwa
Assistant referees: Nico Schmahl, D van Wyk
Assessor: J Venter

13.20: Sharks vs South Western Districts
Referee: Griffin Colby
Assistant referees: Sinethemba Mrulwa, Jabian Jeftha
Assessor: D Oberholzer

15.30: Western Province vs Boland
Referee: JP Clements
Assistant referees: Griffin Colby, Naka Bulelani
Assessor: J Alberts

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

08.00: Golden Lions XV vs Zimbabwe
Referee: Blake Beattie
Assistant referees: Naka Bulelani, JP Clements
Assessor: D Oberholzer

09.20: Blue Valke vs Border Country Districts
Referee: Phumzile Mbewu
Assistant referees: Blake Beattie, Christopher Allison
Assessor: J Alberts

10.40: SA LSEN vs Griffons Country Districts
Referee: JD de Meyer
Assistant referees: Phumzile Mbewu, Nathan Swartz
Assessor: J Venter

12.00: Namibia vs Pumas Country Districts
Referee: D van Wyk
Assistant referees: JD de Meyer, Nico Schmahl
Assessor: D Oberholzer

13.20: Border vs Leopards
Referee: H Coetzee
Assistant referees: D van Wyk, Sinethemba Mrulwa
Assessor: J Alberts

14.40: Blue Bulls vs Free State
Referee: Jabian Jeftha
Assistant referees: H Coetzee, Griffin Colby
Assessor: J Venter

16.00: Golden Lions vs Pumas
Referee: Naka Bulelani
Assistant referees: Jabian Jeftha, JP Clements
Assessor: D Oberholzer advert