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Referees to 15 December 2013

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No Tests, no IRB Sevens but again big action in Europe - the fourth rounds of the Heineken and the Amlin and Australian Schools are again in action.

In the Heineken there are six rounds and then the quarterfinals. Who will be that group of eight teams from the six pools for the quarterfinals is by no means clear. This round could make things a bit clearer. In Pool 3 of the Heineken Cup one point separates three teams!

In the Amlin there are five pools of four each. So far Bath, London Wasps, Brive and London Irish are unbeaten but still 20 teams will have to become eight for the quarterfinals.

There are interesting matches in Pool 1. Will Leinster sparkle against Northampton Saints again, at home this time, and will the Ospreys and Castres be as boring as they were last weekend?

In Group 3 there was the shock of Connacht's victory over Toulouse but this time they will be at it in Toulouse while Saracens have it easy against Zebre. In that group Toulouse and Saracens each have 10 points, Connacht nine.

Harlequins smashed uninterested Racing in Paris and how have them on London while Clermont Auvergne could find the Scarlets tough in Llanelli.

In Pool 5 there will be lot of interest when the Tigers go down to Montpellier and in Pool Six Munster also down in the South of France.

In fact the South of France is a good place for rugby this weekend.

The Varsity Match is at Twickenham on Thursday, a match of great tradition, dating  back to 1872. Matthew Carley of Kent will referee that famous match.



Leinster Under-18 vs Australian Schools
Referee: Sean Gallagher (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Eanna O'Dowd (Ireland), Dermot Blake (Ireland)

Ireland Under-19 vs Australian Schools
Referee: Tual Trainini (France)
Assistant referees: Jonathan Peak (Ireland), Richard Kerr (Ireland)
Assessor: J Eastwood (Ireland)

Heineken Cup, Round 4

It's a repeat of round three, only at reverse venues.

Ospreys vs Castres
Referee: Luke Pearce (England)
Assistant referees: Dean Richards (England), Robin Goodliffe (England)
Television match official: Geoff Warren (England)
Timekeeper: Tony Rowlands (Wales)
Assessor: Steve Hilditch (Ireland)

Glasgow Warriors vs Cardiff Blues
Referee: Pascal Gauzère (France)
Assistant referees: Laurent Cardona (France), Jean-Luc Rebollal (France)
Television match official: Philippe Bonhoure (France)

Toulon vs Exeter Chiefs
Referee: John Lacey (Ireland)
Assistant referees: David Wilkinson (Ireland), Michael Black (Ireland)
Television match official: Dermot Moloney (Ireland)

Benetton Treviso vs Ulster
Referee: Greg Garner (England)
Assistant referees: Steve Lee (England), Roy Maybank (England)
Television match official: Trevor Fisher (England)

Saracens vs Zebre
Referee: Dudley Phillips (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Peter Fitzgibbon (Ireland), Kieran Barry (Ireland)
Television match official: Alan Rogan (Ireland)

Scarlets vs Clermont Auvergne
Referee: Wayne Barnes (England)
Assistant referees: Matthew Carley (England), Nigel Carrick (England)
Television match official: David Grashoff (England)
Timekeeper: Terry Thomas (Wales)

Perpignan vs Munster
Referee: JP Doyle (England)
Assistant referees: Martin Fox (England), Paul Dix (England)
Television match official: Rowan Kitt (England)

Leinster vs Northampton Saints
Referee: Jérôme Garcès (France)
Assistant referees: Sébastien Clouté (France), Patrick Pechambert (France)
Television match official: Eric Gauzins (France)
Assessor: Jack Young (Ireland)

Connacht vs Toulouse
Referee: Leighton Hodges (Wales)
Assistant referees: Gwyn Morris (Wales), Chris Williams (Wales)
Television match official: Paul Adams (Wales)

Harlequins vs Racing Métro 92
Referee: Alain Rolland (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Sean Gallagher (Ireland), Gary Conway (Ireland)
Television match official: Simon McDowell (Ireland)

Gloucester vs Edinburgh
Referee: Romain Poite (France)
Assistant referees: Cyril Lafon (France), Stéphane Boyer (France)
Television match official: Jean-Pierre Pellaprat (France)

Montpellier vs Leicester Tigers
Referee: Nigel Owens (Wales)
Assistant referees: Sean Brickell (Wales), Wayne Davies (Wales)
Television match official: Derek Bevan (Wales)

Amlin Challenge Cup, Round 4

Bordeaux-Bègles vs Newport Gwent Dragons
Referee: Marius Mitrea (Italy)
Assistant referees: Matteo Liperini (Italy), Elia Rizzo (Italy)
Assessor: Bertie Smith (Ireland)

Brive vs Bucharest Wolves
Referee: Giuseppe Vivarini (Italy)
Assistant referees: Carlo Damasco (Italy), Andrea Spadoni (Italy)

Lusitanos XV vs I Cavalieri Prato
Referee: Alexandre Ruiz (France)
Assistant referees: tba (France), Thomas Dejean (France)

Biarritz vs Worcester Warriors
Referee: Neil Hennessy (Wales)
Assistant referees: Martyn Lewis (Wales), Jon Hardy (Wales)
Television match official: Gareth Simmonds (Wales)
Assessor: Michael Carroll (Ireland)

Sale Sharks vs Oyonnax
Referee: Neil Paterson (Scotland)
Assistant referees: David Changleng (Scotland), Bob Nevins (Scotland)

Cammi Calvisano vs Newcastle Falcons
Referee: Vlad Iordescu (Romania)
Assistant referees: Cristian Raduta (Romania), Robert Diaconescu (Romania)
Assessor: Jack Sheehan (Ireland)

Bath vs Mogliano
Referee: Leo Colgan (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Mark Patton (Ireland), Brain Macneice (Ireland)

Viadana vs Bayonne
Referee: Ian Tempest (England)
Assistant referees: Darren Gamage (England), Paul Burton (England)

Stade Français vs London Irish
Referee: Ian Davies (Wales)
Assistant referees: Simon Rees (Wales), Greg Morgan (Wales)
Television match official: Gareth Simmonds (Wales)

London Wasps vs Grenoble
Referee: Andrew McMenemy (Scotland)
Assistant referees: Peter Allan (Scotland), Adrian Graves (Scotland)

British & Irish League

Aberavon vs Bristol
Referee: Wayne Davies (Wales)
Assistant referees: Justin Williams (Wales), Jon Hardy (Wales)

Round 4

Ealing Trailfinders vs Moseley
Referee: Greg Macdonald (England)
Assistant referees: Philip Davies (England), Clare Louise Daniels (England)
Assessor: Clive Nicholas (England)

Rotherham Titans vs Llanelli
Referee: Lloyd Linton (Scotland)
Assistant referees: Llyr Apgeraint-Roberts (England), Darryl Chapman (England)
Assessor: John Haggart (England)

London Scottish vs Pontypridd
Referee: Ross Campbell (England)
Assistant referees: Paul Kimber (England), Chris Sharp (England)
Assessor: Sam Collins (England)

Jersey vs Cornish Pirates
Referee: Andrew Jackson (England)
Assistant referees: Luke Haskins (England), Jonathan Healy (England)
Assessor: Nigel Chapman (England)

Munster A vs Plymouth
Referee: Craig Evans (Wales)
Assistant referees: Will O'Connor (Ireland), Dave O'Flynn (Ireland)
Assessor: Terence White (Ireland)

Gala vs Bristol
Referee: Ben Whitehouse (Wales)
Assistant referees: Gareth Holsgrove (England), Paul Burton (England)
Assessor: Keith Page (England)

Cross Keys vs Leinster A
Referee: Simon Harding (England)
Assistant referees: Morgan Whitehead (Wales), Stuart Vaudin (Wales)

Bedford Blues vs Connacht Eagles
Referee: Daniel Jones (Wales)
Assistant referees: Max Marsden (England), Lionel Spooner (England)
Assessor: Keith Page (England)
Coach: Clive Leeke (England)

Ulster Ravens vs Ayr
Referee: Dave Procter (England)
Assistant referees: Stuart Douglas (Ireland), Jonny Erskine (Ireland)
Assessor: George Reid (Ireland)

Nottingham vs Stirling
Referee: Nigel Correll (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Craig Maxwell-Keys (England), Michael Patz (England)
Assessor: Peter Farrell (England)

Edinburgh Accies vs London Welsh
Referee: Sean Gallagher (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Rob Dickson (Scotland), Brian Darling (Scotland)

Leeds Carnegie vs Aberavon
Referee: Eddie Hogan-O'Connell (Ireland)
Assistant referees: William Halford (England), Dino Maddern (England)
Assessor: Ken Bracewell (England)



Varsity Match

Oxford vs Cambridge at Twickenham
Referee: Matthew Carley (Kent Society)


Pro D2

Auch vs Dax at Stade Jacques-Fouroux
Referee: Eric Soulan
Assistant referees: Loïc Frayssinet, Dominique Parrini
Goal judges: Christophe Abadie, Frédéric Cambou

Béziers vs Narbonne at Stade de la Méditérranée
Referee: Cédric Marchat
Assistant referees: Maxime Rouquie, Franck Rataj
Goal judges: Stéphane Beyer, Michel Richard

Bourgoin vs Albi at Stade Pierre Rajon
Referee: Jonathan Gasnier
Assistant referees: Jaouad Marboh, Christophe Clavere
Goal judges: Arnaud Fosse, Philippe Graciet

Carcassonne vs Bourg-en-Bresse at Stade Albert-Domec
Referee: Mathieu Delpy
Assistant referees: Mourad Zitouni, Frédéric Gourgues
Goal judges: Bernard Lagardère, Michel Lasserre

Colomiers vs Aurillac at Stade Michel Bendichou
Referee: David Rosich
Assistant referees: Paul-Henri Courbier, Laurent Guillermard
Goal judges: Panait Carp, Laurent Colin

Mont-de-Marsan vs Pau at Stade Guy Boniface
Referee: Maxime Chalon
Assistant referees: Vincent Chiodi Schroeder, Laurent Amic
Goal judges: Charles Bonfanti, Patrick Bruno

Agen vs Lyon at Stade Armandie
Referee: Adrien Descottes
Assistant referees: Robert Crabos, Frédéric Chazal
Goal judges: Alexandre Boulingrin, Jean-Christophe Clot

La Rochelle vs Tarbes at Stade Marcel Deflandre
Referee: Christophe Mallet
Assistant referees: Samuel Megret, Philippe Gorbenko
Goal judges: Thierry Nou, Maxime Puig



Ulster vs Connacht
Referee: Ken Henley-Willis


División de Honor, Round 11

Getxo vs Cisneros
Referee: Marc Riera (Barcelona)
Assistant referees: Zizzias, Adrián Rodriguez

Hernani vs Vigo
Referee: Fernando Raposo (Valladolid)
Assistant referees: Iñaki Vergara, Eki Fanlo

Ciencias vs Valladolid RAC
Referee: Igotz Gallastegi (Guipúzcoa)
Assistant referees: F Ramos, F Caballero

Salvador vs UE Santboiana
Referee: Pedro Montoya (Álava)
Assistant referees: Pablo Izquierdo, Labajo

Independiente vs Ordizia
Referee: Sergi Figueruelo (Barcelona)
Assistant referees: Juan Manuel Gárate, S Crespo

Gernika vs CRC Madrid
Referee: Luis Santos (León)
Assistant referees: Pedro Montoya, Arlantz Morentin

División de Honor B, Round 8

Bera Bera vs Zarautz
Referee: Alberto Ruiz Garcia (Vizcaya)

Crat A Coruña vs Universidad XV Bilbao
Referee: Miguel De La Vega (Valladolid)

Uribealdea vs Eibar
Referee: Iñaki Vergara (Guipúzcoa)
Sant Cugat vs Poble Nou-Enginyers
Referee: Jorge Molpeceres (Barcelona)

Les Abelles vs BUC Barcelona
Referee: David Castro (Asturias)

Valencia vs FC Barcelona
Referee: Francisco Pesce (Madrid)

CAU Valencia vs L’Hospitalet
Referee: Iñigo Atorrasagasti (Guipúzcoa)

XV Sanse Scrum vs CAU Madrid
Referee: Rafael Ortega (Cádiz)

Liceo Francés vs Helvetia
Referee: Arnaltz Bilbao (Vizcaya)

Atletico Portuense vs Ad Ing Industriales
Referee: Julio Aguirre (Barcelona)

Arquitectura vs Alcobendas
Referee: Alfonso Mirat (Madrid)

1ª División Nacional, Round 8

Santander vs Universitario Santander
Referee: Ignacio Marquinez (Cantabria)

Aparejadores Burgos vs Valladolid RAC “B”
Referee: Belarmino Álvarez Barril (Asturias)

Gaztedi vs Independiente “B”
Referee: Alberto Pérez Iglesias (Asturias)

Gijón vs Belenos
Referee: Adrian Rodriguez Noriega (Asturias)

Poble Nou vs Quimics
Referee: Pancho Benegas (Madrid)

Ponent vs Fenix
Referee: Antoni Rodriguez Rigat (Barcelona)

UE Santboiana “B” vs GE I EG
Referee: Eduardo Anaya (Madrid)

Ejea vs Sitges
Referee: Eneko García Gañan (Segovia)

Cisneros “B” vs Badajoz
Referee: Lara Crespo (Zaragoza)

Olímpico vs Majadahonda
Referee: Garcia-Mon (Madrid)

UCAM Murcia vs Boadilla Tasman
Referee: José Luis Beltrán (Valencia)

Cáceres vs Alcalá
Referee: Pablo Tornero (Jaén) advert