Test Yourself

A defending team may attempt a quick throw in, 2m from their corner post.

Player A10 knocks on and in seconds thereafter A13 as well. May the referee wait for more advantage.

Play time is over. The referee orders a scrum team A puts in. Team B gets possession of the ball but before the ball emerge the scrum collapsed. May the referee now blow for the end of the match?

After a player caught a mark, he becomes injured. May any team-mate now take the free kick?

A flanker may play the ball in the tunnel as long as it has been touched by a front-row player first.

When a quick throw-in from touch takes place, the Assistant referee or touch judge’s flag should remain raised when another ball (one that was not in play) is thrown in.

When there is doubt in who grounded the ball first in the in-goal. A drop-out must be ordered.

Team A attempts a quick tap at a free kick. The kicker passes the ball to A5 who drives forward and is tackled. A9 picks up the ball and scores a drop goal. Does it stand?

In under 19 Rugby: May a team nominate more than 22 players for a game?

A team can substitute up to three players in the front-row and up to four other players.