Test Yourself

Law 1: The ground. Is the 22m line part of the 22m area?

Law 2: The ball. Are spare balls allowed during a match?

Law 3: Number of players – The team. Can a player bleeding with an open would leave the field and then return to the game?

Law 4: Players’ clothing. Are you allowed to have a single stud on the front toe of the boot?

Law 5: Time. Can a rugby match last for more than 80 minutes?

Law 6: Match officials. Can a referee alter a decision?

Law 7: Mode of play. May the team kicking off opt for a scrum instead of the kick-off?

Law 8: Advantage. At infringements, can advantage always be played?

Law 9: Method of scoring. At a penalty kick, can the opposition jump or lift a player to prevent the ball crossing the crossbar?

Law 10: Foul play. Can a player who is sent off for foul play replace an injured front-row player?

Law 11: Offside and onside in general play. Is a player in an offside position automatically penalised?

Law 12: Knock-on or throw forward. When a player charges down a kick from an opponent and the ball goes forward, is it a knock-on?

Law 13: Kick-off and restart kicks. If, at a kick-off, the ball does not reach the opponent’s 10m line and is played first by the opponents, is a scrum awarded on the halfway line?

Law 14: Ball on the ground – no tackle. Can a player lie over the ball to prevent the opposition from getting possession of it?

Law 15: Tackle: ball carrier brought to ground. To be described as "brought to ground", must a ball carrier have both knees on the ground?

Law `16: Ruck. When joining a ruck, may a player enter the ruck from any side?

Law 17: Maul. When it begins, must a maul consist of at least two players from each team?

Law 18: Mark. Is the player who calls a mark the only one who can take the kick?

Law 19: Touch and lineout. If the team throwing in the ball has seven players in the lineout and the non-throwing team has only five players in the lineout, does the referee blow for a free kick?

Law 20: Scrum. Does the mark for a scrum ever take place within 5m of the touchlines or goal-lines?

Law 21: Penalty and free kicks. A team has opted for a scrum after being awarded a free kick. Can they drop a goal as soon as they win the ball from the scrum?

Law 22: In-Goal. Can a try be scored by grounding the ball against the goalpost or the padding surrounding the goalpost?