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Egon Seconds - Referee

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Egon Seconds was a great wing in his day - fast, elusive, skilful. Now, 34 years of age, he is set fair to becoming a top referee.

Born in Cape Town and schooled at Hoërskool Voortrekker in Kenilworth, Egon Ryan Seconds made his debut for Western Province in 2001 when he was 20. He played for Western Province 88 times till 2008 when he went to Griquas for whom he played 23 times. In a five-year Super Rugby career, in days when there were fewer matches, he played 11 times. He played in 2001, 2002 and 2005 for the Springbok Sevens, including at the Commonwealth Games in 2002 when they won the bronze medal. In 2004 went on the SA A tour to Argentina, playing against Argentina A and the Argentinian Provinces. In 2009 he played for a Royal XV against the B&I Lions. That was his last year as a player but not his last year in the game.

Let him tell, it.

"I decided to start refereeing last year (2014)

"There were a couple of reasons why I started refereeing. I spoke to Mark Lawrence a few months before I decided to enrol. He explained to me why it would be good for the game to have ex-players taking up the whistle. I was still reluctant at first, but he left an impression with me. I thought about it, and I wanted to serve the game in some way after playing for so long. And refereeing started making more sense. Also, after playing, that's the closest to the action I would be able to get. So after a while of contemplating, I called Mark up, and said I am ready to enter this new venture.

"In my short stint so far, I have loved every single minute out there. I have so much to learn still, but I have been really enjoying everything that has happened since so far. I knew it's not going be easy, and that challenge just drove me more and pushed me into training harder and learning more about the game and the laws.

"Last November I got a e-mail stating that I've been named in the SA referees contender squad for 2015. Honestly, I didn't know what that meant at the time. I was over the moon though that SA Rugby included me, and also knew that now it was real. And I had to work harder.

"What surprised me most, was the fact that as players, we don't really know much about the laws. Made me wish I read the law book while I was playing. Certain calls made on the field, and the questions players asked on infringements had me very surprised on how players were not clued up on certain things.

"My hopes are that I can keep serving the game to the best of my abilities, and keep climbing the ladder. I am excited to push as far as I can and to encourage other ex-players to do the same. All in the improvement of and service to the game.

"Finally, I would just like to say, that all the obstacles I am expecting as a ref, I accept as part of the growing process. I never thought it would be easy, and I accept that this job is not done to be a hero. I love what I do, as a ref, and want to keep doing it. Who knows, one day, I might be officiating a test match. Now that is a very exciting thought."

On Saturday last Seconds referee the Community Cup match between Hamiltons and Evergreens of Pacaltsdorp at Stephan Oval in Green Point. advert