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HIA Clarification for Currie Cup Premier Division

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Please note that teams’ replacement allocation is not affected by the revised HIA application. This includes if teams have used all their replacements.

  • If a player fails the HIA – his temporary replacement becomes permanent and stays on the field even when the team has exhausted their allocation during this period.
  • Tactical replaced players may return as temporary replacement for HIA.
  • HIA temporary replacement has no effect on any remaining replacements for a failed HIA test – now a freebie. The only obligation is for that player who failed the HIA test not to return to play at any stage – he is permanently replaced.


  • Player 22
  1. Team uses 5 tactical replacements – thus has 2 replacements remaining
  2. Player HIA – is temporarily replaced by a player who was tactical replaced earlier.
  3. HIA Player fails test and his temporary replacement is now permanent
  4. The team still has 2 remaining replacements

Time Player Off Player On Reason

  • 50 minute: 4 off 19 on - Tactical - Still has 21 & 22 on the bench
  • 60 minute: 7 off 4 on - HIA - Still has 21 & 22 on the bench
  • 70 minute: 7 off 4 on - Injured (failed HIA) - Still has 21 & 22 on the bench

From Eugene de Villiers
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