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Law discussion - the lineout option

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The Lions of Johannesburg play the Reds of Queensland at Ellis Park an a day of heavy rain. Early in the second half the Lions put pressure on the Reds' scrum, and the Reds are penalised.

By Paul Dobson, Moonsport

The lions kick out for a five-metre lineout.

Pieter Jansen of the Lions throws in. Up goes Marvin Orie to catch the ball. Before he comes down, the Reds push in under him. The referee indicates a penalty and plays advantage. When no advantage accrues, the referee returns to the infringement and sends Reds' prop Josh Nasser to the sin bin for his act of "undermining" Orie.

Elton Jantjies of the Lions shapes to kick for touch, but the referee stops him, saying: "You don't have to kick. It's a lineout infringement and so you can just take the lineout."

Is that so?

4. A team awarded a penalty or free-kick at a lineout may instead choose a lineout or a scrum at the same mark.

The referee was right.

This is a relatively new piece of law. advert