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Numbers & Sideline Helpers: PRO14 Regulations

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There are clear regulations regarding team numbers, assistants next to the field in PRO14 matches and also the new HIA trial amendments.

Teams with 23 Players

a. Must have a reserve loosehead prop, a reserve tighthead prop and a reserve hooker – 8 replacements

b. If they only nominate two (2) reserve front row players, the team is reduced to 22 players – thus only 7 replacements

c. Replacements process/conditions and uncontested scrums reduction as per norm

Technical Zone

a. Three (3) medical persons – must be:

  • i. a certified and practising medical doctor
  •  ii. may not roam – enter the field when an injury occurs

b. up to two other medically-trained personnel (certified and practising medical doctor or physiotherapists only)

  • i. Should the team arrive with only two medically-trained personnel (example: practising medical doctor and a physiotherapists), then the doctor may roam.

c. Two (2) water carriers – as per norm and may not be a head coach

d. Reserve bench must be located outside the playing enclosure

e. One minute warm-up allowed for yellow carded player

f. Reserves Warm-up during Matches:
If reserves (replacements) wish to warm up, they may do so either:

  • (i) in a designated warm-up area outside the Playing Area (where they may use balls, hit-shields and/or any other rugby equipment), or
  • (ii) in the opposition in-goal area (where they may use balls and hit-shields only, which must be removed from the in-goal area immediately following the warm-up)

a. HIA off-field screen time is 13 minutes running time

b. Must sit out 10 minutes running time

c. If players are ready at 10 minutes then they should be permitted to return, if the assessment progresses beyond 13 minutes they will not be permitted to return to the field of play

d. If a player fails their HIA – His temporary replacement becomes permanent and stays on the field even when the team exhausted their allocation during this period.

e. Tactical replaced players may return as temporary replacement for HIA.

f. HIA temporary replacement has no effect on any remaining replacements for a failed HIA test – now a freebie. The only obligation is for that player who failed the HIA test not to return to play at any stage – he is permanently replaced.

By Eugene de Villiers
Referees Department: Operations advert