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Referees for Las Vegas, Day 1

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Paddy O'Brien, who is in charge of referees for World Rugby's Sevens, has made known the referees appointed to Day 1 of the Las Vegas Sevens.

By Paul Dobson, Moonsport

The referees for this tournament are James Doleman (New Zealand), Paulo Duarte (Portugal), Craig Evans (Wales), Richard Kelly (New Zealand), Damon Murphy (Australia), Mike O'Brien (USA), Jérémy Rozier (France), Damian Schneider (Argentina), Jordan Way (Australia)

Referees for Day 1

15.00: Scotland vs Argentina
Referee: Richard Kelly

15.22: New Zealand vs Uruguay
Referee: Mike O'Brien

15.44: Kenya vs France
Referee: Paulo Duarte

16.06: Fiji vs Russia
Referee: Jérémy Rozier

16.28: Samoa vs USA
Referee: Jordan Way

16.50: Australia vs Spain
Referee: James Doleman

17.12: England vs Canada
Referee: Damon Murphy

17.34: South Africa vs Wales
Referee: Damian Schneider

18.01: Scotland vs Uruguay
Referee: Paulo Duarte

18.23: New Zealand vs Argentina
Referee: Craig Evans

18.45: Kenya vs Russia
Referee: Mike O'Brien

19.07: Fiji vs France
Referee: Damian Schneider

19.29: Samoa vs Spain
Referee: Jérémy Rozier

19.51: Australia vs USA
Referee: Craig Joubert

20.13: England vs Wales
Referee: James Doleman

20.35: South Africa vs Canada
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