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Sevens World Cup - Day 2 Appointments

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The World Cup Sevens, men and women, continued into Day 2 in San Francisco.

The Women's World Cup ends on Day 2 but the Men's continues on Day 3.

The appointments below stop before the eight final matches for the women on Day 2, ending with the final (France vs New Zealand).



13/16 Place
Mexico vs South Africa
Referee: Beatrice Benvenuti

Papua New Guinea vs Brazil
Referee: Sakurako Kawasaki


England vs China
Referee: Rebecca Mahoney

Fiji vs Japan
Referee: Ben Crouse


5/8 Place

Ireland vs Russia
Referee: Hollie Davidson

Spain vs Canada
Referee: Adam Jones


Australia vs France
Referee: Joy Neville
Assistant referees: Alhambra Nievas, Ben Crouse

New Zealand vs USA
Referee: Sara Cox
Assistant referees: Alhambra Nievas, Hollie Davidson


Bowl Quarterfinals

Tonga vs Chile
Referee: Rasta Rasivhenge

Papua New Guinea vs Uruguay
Referee: Sam Grove-White

Jamaica vs Hong Kong
Referee: Mike O'Brien

Zimbabwe vs Uganda
Referee: Matt Rodden

Challenge Quarterfinals

Kenya vs Ireland
Referee: Richard Haughton

Canada vs Japan
Referee: Damon Murphy

Australia vs Russia
Referee: Jérémy Rozier

Wales vs Samoa
Referee: Damian Schneider

Championship Quarterfinals

Scotland vs South Africa
Referee: Richard Kelly
Assistant referees: Matt Rodden, Mike O'Brien

Argentina vs Fiji
Referee: Craig Evans
Assistant referees: Richard Haughton, Damon Murphy

France vs New Zealand
Referee: Sam Grove-White
Assistant referees: Damian Schneider, Matt Rodden

USA vs England
Referee: Rasta Rasivhenge
Assistant referees: Jérémy Rozier, Damon Murphy advert