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Valke Referees Society goes digital

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caught us all off guard, with refereeing as we know it to be non-excitant. Valke Rugby Referee Society was at wits end, thinking of new and innovative ways to keep their members busy and interacting.

On Monday, 7 September 2020, senior members of the Society in collaboration with the Academy, National and Elite squads as well as International Referees, the Valke Referees hosted the first-ever Valke Referee 10-week Webinars. This is not just available to Valke Referees, but referees all around South Africa.

The aim is to keep referees active in the laws, if we can’t do it on the field, then we do it on the computer.

Please feel free to join in and learn more or to interact with other referees. To receive an invite please forward your mail to

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