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World Rugby´s Sevens Panel Revised

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Rasta Rasivhenge is not taking part in World Rugby's Sevens Series in 2019-20. That he was included in the first release by World Rugby, was a clerical error.

By Paul Dobson, Moonsport

World Rugby has sent out a revised panel in which Matt Rodden of Hong Kong takes Rasivhenge's place. The series started in the 1999-2000 season, which means that the 2019-20 season will be the 21st. For the first time there will be no South Africans refereeing on the men's Sevens circuit.

On 2016, Rasivhenge refereed the Sevens final at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. He will not be at the Olympics next year.

The panels each have their own set of selectors.

Men's: There are two selection committees for match officials – one for the men’s series and one for the women’s series. They are as follows:

Men’s: Anthony Buchanan (chairman), Paddy O’Brien (World Rugby high performance sevens referee manager), James McPhail (performance reviewer on men’s series), Anthony Moyes (performance reviewer on men’s series), Marcelo Pilara (selector on men’s and women’s series).

Women’s: Anthony Buchanan (chairman), Paddy O’Brien (World Rugby high performance sevens referee manager), Alhambra Nievas (World Rugby referee talent development manager), Marcelo Pilara (selector on men’s and women’s series), Clare Daniels, (performance reviewer on women’s series), David Keane (performance reviewer on women’s series).

Men’s Sevens Series Panel (Revised)

James Doleman (New Zealand), Paulo Duarte (Portugal), Craig Evans (Wales), Francisco Gonzalez (Uruguay), Sam Grove White (Scotland), Richard Haughton (England), Richard Kelly (New Zealand), Damon Murphy (Australia), Nehuén Jauri Rivero (Argentina), Matt Rodden (Hong Kong), Jérémy Rozier (France), Damian Schneider (Argentina), Jordan Way (Australia).

The women's panel is unaltered.

Women’s Sevens Series Panel

Sara Cox (England), Hollie Davidson (Scotland), Emily Hsieh (USA), Lauren Jenner (New Zealand), Adam Jones (Wales), Sakurako Kawasaki (Japan), Tyler Miller (Australia), Ashleigh Murray (South Africa), Joy Neville (Ireland), Amy Perrett (Australia), Madeline Putz (Australia), Tevita Rokoverneni (Fiji), Julianne Zussman (Canada). advert