The South African Rugby Referees’ Association (SARRA) is made up of the 14 provincial referee societies. SARRA is an associate member to the South African Rugby Union (SARU), which is made up of the 14 provincial unions. Each union is made up of the rugby clubs and schools in that province.

All registered referees are members of their provincial society and are ultimately members of and subject to the disciplinary code of SARU and SARRA. All organised rugby in South Africa is administered through the provincial unions and, ultimately, SARU.

SARRA is governed by a council made up of the chairpersons of the 14 provincial referee societies. As stated in the constitution the council has certain powers and objectives relating to refereeing matters in South Africa.

SARRA’s executive is made up of five members from the 14 council members and the National Referees’ Manager, making six in total.
The executive is elected for a four-year term. The chairperson may serve multiple terms. The Annual General Meeting traditionally is held after the Currie Cup Final, usually in November, and attended by the full council.

SARRA’s mission is to provide the best rugby refereeing service in the world, through excellence, honesty and accountability.

Members of the current executive include:
• Keith Hendricks – Chairman
• Christo van Heerden – Deputy Chairman
• Mninimzi Plaatjie – Vice Chairman
• Gerhard van Niekerk - Enhancement
• Alfred Ross - Society Matters
• Banks Yantolo – Referee Manager.

The executive may appoint additional members if required.

Click Here to download the SARRA Constitution

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