Code of Conduct

All registered referees and referee administrators in South Africa, whether on any of the SARU Panels/Squads or not, are subject to SARRA’s Code of Conduct.

Important elements of the SARRA Code include:
• Referees should not accept hospitality or gifts from any sources that may cast doubt on their impartiality
• Referees should not publicly criticise fellow referees, match officials or administrators
• While on official duty, a referee should always conduct him or herself in a manner befitting the position
• If a referee has a grievance, it should be directed through the appropriate channels for resolution – in most cases, the provincial referee society’s structures
• Unless a referee is specifically contracted to SARU, he or she provides his or her services on a voluntary basis, in spite of any game fees that may be paid
• Referees’ performance, rating and placement on a Panel is subject to SARU’s evaluation process and may be reviewed at any time during the season

According to Law 6.A.4.a, the referee is the sole judge of fact and Law during a match. As this is an onerous and responsible position, it’s vitally important that the referee conduct him or herself beyond reproach at all times.

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SARRA Disciplinary and Judicial Policy & Procedure

SARRA undertakes to uphold disciplinary procedures that are fair, just and equitable for all its members. The purpose of the regulations below are to provide guidelines in addressing unacceptable behaviour and or conduct.

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