Duty Ref

Duty Ref 559: Aimee Barrett-Theron

With Currie Cup starting, Aimee, who became the first female to hold the whistle in a senior premier match in South Africa, spend some time answering some supporters’ questions.

Duty Ref 558: Adriaan Jacobs

With SupeRugby Unlocked in its middle stages of the competitions, AJ, a young and upcoming referee, spend some time answering some supporters questions.

Duty Ref 557: Marius van der Westhuizen

With Super Rugby Aotearoa and Australia coming to an end, Marius van der Westhuizen - while training and preparing for the upcoming local competition - answers some readers' questions.

Duty Ref 556: Jaco Peyper

The query this time comes from Iñaki Marquinez of Spain and is answered by Jaco Peyper, one of the very best referees in the world. The question arises from a clip on the South African Referees' website: https://www.sareferees.com/laws/view/2831520/.

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