Clip 3 - 23 November 2017 - Law 17

You canna do that!

Italy are playing against Fiji. Italy's flyhalf Carlo Canna kicks the ball out and a shortened line-out of three players on each side forms five metres from the Fijian goal-line. Canna takes up the position between the touchline and the five-metre line, the position available to the player throwing into the line-out, the post ion most frequently taken up by the non-throwing hooker. Fiji's hooker Tuapati Talemaitoga throws into the line-out and lock Leone Nakarawa of Fiji catches the ball and players of both sides gather round and Italy drives the Fijians towards their goal-line.

Suddenly Canna is falling on the ground and the referee is awarding a try. Then the referee consults his assistant and consults the TMO.

A replay makes clear what happens. Canna comes round and takes the ball out of Nakarawa's hands, falls down and claims a try.

The referee then penalises for being offside.

Offside at what?

after Nakarawa caught the ball and held onto it, Andrew Lovotti. Marco Fuser and Dean Budd shove together onto Nakarawa while Manasa Saulo and Apisalome Ratuniyarawa shove against them. It is a maul, players of both sides around the ball-carrier.

Before the maul reaches the goal-line - an important position. Canna comes round the side and grabs the ball in the hope of being credited with a try.

Canna is offside.

(a) The offside line. There are two offside lines parallel to the goal lines, one for each team. Each offside line runs through the hindmost foot of the hindmost player in the maul. If the hindmost foot of the hindmost player is on or behind the goal line, the offside line for the defending team is the goal line.
(b) A player must either join a maul, or retire behind the offside line immediately. If a player loiters at the side of a maul, the player is offside.
Sanction: Penalty kick on the offending team’s offside line

If the maul had gone into the Fijian in-goal it would have ceased to exist and Canna could then have had the reward of his actions - a try.

*It may well be considering the best position of a referee at this sort of line-out. Thee position directly being the line-out is limiting. It may well have been better to have been =on the Fijian side for a clearer view of the jumper and what happens afterwards. After all he does have the far side's assistant referee go monitor any possible offside by the Italian backs. advert