Clip 1 - 5 February 2018 - Law 22

The powerplay.

There are 21 laws in rugby football. Law 22 does not exist. Powerplay is an experiment taking place in the 2018 Varsity Cup which started on 29 January 2018.

The idea and the appropriate signal has come to rugby from cricket, as something that could make the game more exciting.

The University of Johannesburg score and Maties (Stellenbosch University) are to kick off. immediately the Maties' captain goes to the referee and asks for a powerplay. With his right arm fully extended the referee signals the powerplay by describing a circle with his shoulder as the circle' centre. He then asks the Maties' captain which players he would like removed. He nominates the flyhalf and the fullback. Jean Luc Cilliers and Ronald Brown then retreat behind their goalposts.

The Regulations Governing the Powerplay

A team may call a powerplay once in a match.
They may do so only when they are in their own half.
The players removed must be backs.
The powerplay lasts for three minutes.
A hooter sounds the end of powerplay.
At the sound of the hooter, the players removed may rejoin play.
If the team with 13 players scores a try, its value is seven points. advert