Clip 4 - 2 March 2018 - Law 11

Forward pass, hands and momentum.

Joey Carbery of Ireland kicks the ball a long way downfield into the Italian half. Fullback Matteo Minozzi gathers the ball and runs. He swerves around Jordan Larmour. Sergio Parisse gets into a good position on Minozzi's left. Minozzi passes to :Parisse who then throws a long pass to his right. The ball bounces. Edoardo Gori grabs the ball on the bounce and is over for what he hopes will be a try.

The referee consults his assistant and then the TMO. He states that his onfield decision is a try but wants the pass looked at.

The TMO organises replays. It is clear that Parisse's left hand - and the pass is to his right - moves in such a way that the pass will be backward. He cannot be passing forward with a ,movement backward, and the potential infringement is a forward pass, not a forward catch.

The commentator's comment on the forward pass and momentum is correct.

You can test this by tossing backward an object (retrievable) out of the window of a moving car. The object will end up ahead of the place where it was thrown. The faster the car travels, the further forward the object will end up.

The referee's question is important - any reason not to award the try. The TMO then has to have a compelling, clear and obvious, reason not to award the try.

The try is the correct decision. advert