Clip 5 - 6 June 2018 - Law 18

Dane Haylett-Petty of the Rebels kicks the ball into touch, for a line-out throw-in to the Sunwolves. Hooker Jaba Bregvadze throws in towards the front of the line-out where James Moore of the Sunwolves jumps for the ball. Matt Philip (4) of the Rebels also jumps for the ball, his arms extended upwards and he appears to take care not to play Moore in the air.

The referee penalises Philip for "jumping across". He then explains to Rebels captain Adam Coleman that it is illegal to jump across and that the gap must be maintained.

The law actually allows jumping across to play the ball; otherwise, there could be no contest for the ball if it is not thrown accurately down the line of touch (now called the mark of touch), the line between the two lines of players, half a metre from each.

Law 18.30 Players jumping for the ball who cross the mark of touch and do not catch the ball must immediately return to their own side.

It does not say that jumping across the mark of touch is an offence.

There was no need to penalise Philip. advert