Clip 2 - 12 June 2018 Law 19

Scrum awarded after a maul -

The Crusaders are penalised and the Chiefs' flyhalf, Damian McKenzie, kicks out for a line-out five metres from the Crusaders' line. Nathan Harris throws in and Michael Allardice goes high to catch the ball.

A maul forms.

The replay shows how Scott Barrett, the Crusaders' lock, forces his way through the maul and grabs the ball from Liam Messam (8). The maul falls down. The referee decides the ball is unplayable and awards a scrum to the Crusaders.

The referee is right.

All he does is apply that law which has been unchanged for some years.

Law 19.1 Scrum
A scrum is awarded to: The team not in possession at the start of the maul. advert