Clip 1 – 9 July 2018 - Law 15

The Sharks are attacking near the Lions' corner post. Tyler Paul of the Sharks flips the ball back infield into the hands of team-mate Jean-Luc du Preez.

Du Preez charges forward but is brought down by Marvin Orie and Ruan Dreyer. A ruck forms. The ball comes out of the left side and the referee calls: "Ball out!" Warren Whiteley of the Lions, hearing the call, falls onto the ball.

The referee penalises Whitely who seems not to understand as the referee had called that the ball was out.

Law 15.19 Players must not:

  • Fall over the ball as it is coming out of a ruck.

Sanction: Penalty

The penalty was a correct decision. "Ball out" does not mean anything goes. advert