Clip 4 - 20 July 2018 - Law 13

Curwin Bosch of the Sharks kicks a long way into Stormers' territory. Damian de Allende fetches the ball near touch and passes it infield to Dillyn Leyds whop asses it to Raymond Rhule on his left.

There is nothing wrong with the pass but Rhule knocks it forward some way. He darts after the ball and falls on it. Tyler Paul and Jacques Vermeulen on the Sharks pounce quickly, but Rhule hangs on. When the Sharks' players lift him up off his feet, Rhule is still holding on. The referee penalises Rhule.

But there was no tackle? That is true.


The game is played only by players who are on their feet.

Law 13.1 Players, who go to ground to gather the ball or who go to ground with the ball, must immediately:

  • Get up with the ball; or
  • Play (but not kick) the ball; or
  • Release the ball.
  • Sanction: Penalty.

Rhule did not get up with the ball, play the ball or release the ball. That means that the penalty is the correct decision.

But shouldn't the Sharks have let him get up before trying to get the ball?

There is nothing in the law that says opponents must let the player get up off the ground.

Law 13.4 Players on their feet and without the ball must not fall on or over players on the ground who have the ball or who are near it.
Sanction: Penalty.

Neither Tyler nor Vermeulen fell on Rhule.

The referee acted correctly. advert