Clip 2 - 25 July 2018 - Law 19

The Stormers put the ball into a scrum. The Stormers heel the ball and hold it at the feet of Sikhumbuzo Notshe at the back of the stationary scrum.

The referee tells the Stormers to "use it". The Stormers then move the scrum forward with the ball still at Notshe's feet while the referee repeats his instruction to use it.

Eventually, it does come out, but the referee blows his whistle and awards a scrum to the Sharks, saying that he had given his "use it" instruction four times.

Use it means to let it out of the scrum and play with it.

Law 19.26 When the scrum is stationary and the ball has been available at the back of the scrum for three-five seconds, the referee calls “use it”. The team must then play the ball out of the scrum immediately.
Sanction: Scrum advert