Clip 2 - 2 August 2018 - Law 17

There is nothing wrong with anything done in this activity, just some additional information.

The Lions are attacking but when that breaks down the referee reverts to a penalty against Jed Holloway of the Waratahs for being offside. The penalty is on the 22 and in front of the posts. Elton Jantjies kicks, but the ball hits the upright and bounces back into the field of play. Nick Phipps of the Waratahs catches the ball and passes it to his flyhalf Bernard Foley who kicks it out.

Everything that happened is within the law. What Phipps and Foley do is correct and well executed.

Question: Could Phipps have marked the kick?

The answer is Yes. In a similar situation, the player may be under pressure, which Phipps was not, and calling for a mark may buy him more time.

Law 17.2 A player may claim a mark even if the ball hits a goal post or crossbar before being caught.

Law 17.4 A mark may not be claimed from a kick-off or a restart kick after a score. advert