Clip 1 - 6 August 2018 - Law 13

The Waratahs are having a good bash at the Lions' goal line, but the Lions win a turnover and Andries Coetzee of the Lions kicks the ball a long way into Waratah territory.

The ball rolls into the Waratahs 22 where it stops. Bernard Foley of the Waratahs and Elton Jantjies of the Lions chase after the ball with eager intent. Foley gets to the ball first. He falls on it and is standing up with it. He has one knee on the ground and Jantjies wraps his arms around Foley's torso.

Foley gets his right knee off the ground although Jantjies is wrapped round him. The referee penalises Jantjies.

Jantjies was surprised at the penalty, as well he might have been.

This is the law that applied to Jantjies as he reached Foley:

Law 13.4 Players on their feet and without the ball must not fall on or over players on the ground who have the ball or who are near it.
Sanction: Penalty.

  1. Jantjies did not have to let Foley get to his feet before trying to get the ball.
  2. Jantjies clearly did not fall on Foley as he (Jantjies) stayed up on his feet.
  3. Jantjies clearly did not fall on Foley as Foley was able to get further to his feet.

It may well be a penalty given in error. advert