Clip 1 - 27 August 2018 - Law 5

In the match between the Golden Lions and Griquas, the siren to signal half-time sounds and then Griquas are penalised.

The Golden Lions use the penalty to have a five-metre line-out and they bash at the Griquas line till they are penalised for offside.

George Whitehead, the Griquas flyhalf who has been playing first class rugby since 2009, steps up and kicks the ball directly into touch with the intention of bringing the half to an end, whereupon the referee calls for a line-out.

Griquas throw in and win the ball which is passed back to Whitehead who kicks it over the dead-ball line. That brings about half-time.

When the referee ordered the line-out, experienced Whitehead was nonplussed.

Who was right - the referee or the flyhalf?

Law 5.7: A half ends when the ball becomes dead after time has expired unless:

  • b. The referee awards a free-kick or penalty.
  • c. A penalty is kicked directly to touch without the ball first being tapped and without the ball touching another player.

c. tells you that the referee was right. To end the half without having a line-out, the ball must be tapped and then kicked out. Otherwise, when a penalty is kicked out, even after time has expired, the line-out must take place.

b. tells you that even though the time for the half had expired, the penalty could not end the half, and so the Golden Lions could have their penalty and Free State could have their penalty.

One would expect players to know at least the laws that concern their activities. advert