Clip 2 – 30 August 2018 - Law 20

This one needs some concentrated looking.

The referee penalises the Sharks at a scrum. Manie Libbok is to take the kick. You will see a light-blue jersey walking down to the front of the screen and then moving in front of Libbok.

Watch carefully: Libbok kicks the penalty and there is that light-blue jersey near the place where the ball goes out. The jersey belongs to hooker Jaco Visagie of the Blue Bulls.

For no obvious reason, he has gone across the touchline well ahead of the place where Libbok takes the kick.

Other than the placer at a place-kick, the kicker’s team must remain behind the ball until it has been kicked.

It does not say that if you are in touch when you wander off, you do not need to be behind the kicker. Visagie, in his advanced position, then takes part in play by throwing the ball into the line-out.

A quiet word would work in this silly case. advert