Clip 3 – 5 September 2018 - Law 18

The referee penalises the Cheetahs and the Sharks' flyhalf Robert du Preez kicks the ball out for an attacking line-out. Chiliboy Ralepelle if the Sharks is ready to throw the ball into the line-out.

The forwards are not in hurry to form a line-out, but the referee says to the two sets of forwards: "Get your numbers right."

Then Ralepelle shapes to throw and the referee says: "Hold it. Let me see the numbers." But Ralepelle throws. The referee stops play so that the line-out can be organised and he can count the numbers.


  • 9. A line-out is formed on the mark of touch.
  • 10. Each team forms a single line parallel to and half a metre from the mark of touch on their side of the line-out between the five-metre and 15-metre lines. The gap between the lines must be maintained until the ball is thrown in. Sanction: Free-kick.
  • 11. A minimum of two players from each team are required to form a line-out.
  • 12. Teams form the line-out without delay. Sanction: Free-kick.
  • 13. The team throwing in determines the maximum number of players that each team may have in the line-out.
  • 14. Unless the throw is taken as soon as the line-out is formed, the non-throwing team may not have more players (but may have fewer players) in the line-out than the throwing team.
  • Sanction: Free-kick.

That's a lot for a referee to see - and there is more than that - and it is not at all surprising that he wants a chance to do his job. advert