Clip 4 - 21 September 2018 - Law 9

Australia are on the attack and have a scrum on their right. They heal the ball down channel one. Faf de Klerk of South Africa is playing close attention to the ball.

When the Australian scrumhalf, Will Genia, picks up the ball and is passing it, De Klerk sticks out a boot and kicks it away. The referee penalises De Klerk, using the gesture to indicate off side.

Watch as the ball comes to Genia and what he does with it. De Klerk's right foot goes beyond the ball.

In the rewritten laws the heading in Law 19 reads OFFSIDE AT THE SCRUMS, though the law then proceeds to say when players are onside. And so we shall again quote from the clearer pre-rewrite law.

Law 20.12 (c):

  • When a team has won the ball in a scrum, the scrumhalf of the opposing team is offside if that scrumhalf steps in front of the ball with either foot while the ball is still in the scrum.
  • Sanction: Penalty kick

That is what De Klerk did wrong and that is why he was penalised for being offside.

Then there is the kick, which may have been when Genia had the ball in his hands or just as it left his hands.

Law 9 is the old, Law 10 and deals with Foul Play.

Law 9.23:

  • A player must not attempt to kick the ball from the hands of the ball-carrier.
  • Sanction: Penalty.

Attempt is bad enough.

As he runs back, De Klerk seems to find the matter amusing though Matt Toomua's kick could well have scored. As it was it hit the upright and stayed out. advert