Clip 3 - 28 September 2018 - Law 18

South Africa are attacking on the left. Willie le Roux kicks a grubber. Wing Aphiwe Dyantyi darts ahead and gathers the ball near the touchline on his left.

He runs ahead but, as the defence approaches, he decides to chip ahead. It is a failure and goes directly into touch. Jordie Barrett of New Zealand gets the ball in touch and throws it some 30 metres infield towards Rieko Ioane (11) of New Zealand.

The ball bounces short of Ioane and Le Roux grabs the ball gets away from Ioane and scores next to the posts.

The try is awarded.

Just look at what happens where.

  • Dyantyi gathers the grubbered ball: South Africa's 10-metre line
  • Dyantyi chips: five metres inside the New Zealand half (45 metres from the New Zealand goal-line).
  • Chip lands in touch: 26 metres from the New Zealand goal-line.
  • Jordie collects the bounce: 23 metres from the New Zealand goal-line.
  • Jordie throws in: 23 metres from the goal-line.
  • Le Roux grabs the ball: 20 metres from the New Zealand goal-line.

Where would the line-out have been if Jordie had not thrown in quickly: five metres inside the New Zealand half, i.e. opposite the place where Dyantyi kicked the ball.


  • Event: A player kicks the ball directly into touch.
  • Location of the mark of touch: Where the ball reaches the touchline or on the touchline in line with where the ball was kicked, whichever is nearer to the kicker’s goal line.

Is the place where Jordie threw in correct?



  • At a quick throw, the ball is thrown in:
  • Between the mark of touch and the thrower’s own goal-line.

As the referee indicated at the time, it was a try. advert