Clip 2 – 9 October 2018 - Law 16

About 15 metres insider the BB half, Western Province have a line-out. Bongi Mbonambi throws in and Kobus van Dyk goes high to catch the ball. He comes gown and a maul forms.

The referee says: "maul." As the maul is being formed players from each side fall on the ground in the way of forward movement by Western Province. The referee gives instructions.

"You've got to restart that. You've got to restart."
"Use it."
"Break away. Break away."

Western Province get their group of players started again and they move forward.

The referee may not see it as still a maul as Blue Bull players enter from the side, and hooker Jaco Visagie tackles Mbonambi around the ankles and brings him down.

The referee calls: "Use it."

The ball comes back to Western Province and they move left. An excellent long, accurate pass finds Dillyn Leyds who cleverly puts SP Marais away and the left wing scores Western Province's first try of the match and gives them the lead.

There are questions about that maul.

At no stage did it seem that the referee called: "Maul over." That would have meant that the maul was still operating and that Visagie could have been penalised for "side entry".

If the maul was over, then Western Province would have been guilty of obstruction as there were four players marching ahead of Mbonambi who was tucked in at the back, seeking their protection. Western Province could then have been penalised.

If Western Province had not restarted the maul in time, it would have been a scrum to the Blue Bulls who were leading 20-15 at the time. advert