Clip 3 – 7 November 2018 - Law 9

You have to look closely to see this.

England kicked off, Lood de Jager knocked on and Jesse Kriel came from behind and fly kicked the ball ahead. Jonny May came across and slid feet first at Kriel and the ball who were close. The referee blew the whistle the scrum for De Jager's knock-on.

De Jager's knock-on was the first infringement. Was May's action an infringement?

There is nothing in the law about sliding in with both feet. But it is covered in law.

11. Players must not do anything that is reckless or dangerous to others.

Some aspects of dangerous play are specified some is at the referee's discretion. May's attempted tackle could fall into that category, "the reckless or dangerous to others" bit. It was potentially those aspects, but May was clearly going for the ball, which is allowed with one or two feet. And no damage was done.

The scrum for the knock-on seemed the fair option. advert