Clip 4 – 8 November 2018 - Law 15

Things happen quickly, and in this clip, the order of events is important.

Hamish Watson charged ahead and was tackled by Gareth Davies with some help from Ken Owens. Ken Owens immediately gets hands on the ball as WP Nel of Scotland makes contact with him. Owens keeps his hands on the ball but Watson resists Owens's attempts to get it from him and the referee penalises Watson for holding on.

The sequence of events is

  • i. Owens has hands on ball.
  • ii Nel makes contact.

Law 15.11: Once a ruck has formed, no player may handle the ball unless they were able to get their hands on the ball before the ruck formed and stay on their feet. The grammar is poor - player, they their. The Laws of the Game deserve better.

There was no ruck when Owens got his hands on the ball and he stays on his feet. What he did was legal. advert