Clip 2 – 21 January 2019 - Law 19

Leinster are on the attack. Just short of the Toulouse line, the referee decides on a scrum and awards it five metres from the goal-line, Leinster ball.

Luke McGrath of Leinster puts the ball into the scrum and Leinster heel it back. The ball is at the feet of No.8 Jack Conan, when the referee calls "Use it." The scrum, gets some momentum going forward and the referee calls "Use." The scrum goes on a bit and McGrath grabs the ball and attempts to score.

What does using the ball mean?

If Leinster are moving the scrum forward, are they not using the ball?

Look to the law.

Law 19.26: When the scrum is stationary and the ball has been available at the back of the scrum for three-five seconds, the referee calls “use it”. The team must then play the ball out of the scrum immediately. Sanction: Scrum.

The team must then play the ball out of the scrum immediately

Keeping it in and pushing forward is not the use of the ball the laws require here. The laws want the ball out of the scrum.

The referee was right after his first call to require the ball to be released once he determined that the scrum had been stationary with the ball available for three seconds or more. advert