Clip 3 – 28 January 2019 - Law 14

Leinster attack, and Jack Conan (8), dashes for the line around the front of a line-out. He passes to his left where Sean Cronin is but Antoine Dupont, the Toulouse scrumhalf, intercepts and runs infield.

Toulouse try to drive the ball up to create an easier opportunity for a clearing kick. Jerome Kaino bashes ahead and is brought down. Rynhardt Elstad charges and is brought down. No ruck is formed as there are only Toulouse players standing over Elstad.

The ball is coming back to Dupont. Prop Dorian Aldegheri (18) is bound onto the Toulouse player in front of him. Prop Cyril Baille has a hand on Aldegheri's back. Dupont is there rolling the ball with his foot.

The ball is rolled behind Aldegheri. Scott Fardy, Leinster's lock, moves forward, but the referee sends him back. Should he have?

There was no ruck because there were not players of both sides in contact over the ball, but there were Toulouse players over the ball and by a recent amendment their positioning creates an offside line. But Baille is not bound.

Law Definitions
Binding: Grasping another player’s body firmly between the shoulders and the hips with the whole arm in contact from hand to shoulder.

Law 14.10
Offside lines are created at a tackle when at least one player is on their feet and over the ball, which is on the ground. Each team’s offside line runs parallel to the goal-line through the hindmost point of any player in the tackle or on their feet over the ball. If that point is on or behind the goal line, the offside line for that team is the goal line.

Is Baille "a player in the tackle"?

If not, isn't the ball out?

If it's out, should Fardy not be allowed to advance?

It would seem that Baille is not a part of the tackle as he is not bound on Aldegheri. He is no more a part of the tackle than Dupont would be by making contact with Aldegheri.

Law 14.11
The tackle ends when:
The ball leaves the tackle area.

In that case, the ball is out when it came beyond Aldegheri and made contact with Baille.

That would mean that Fardy should have been allowed to come round to play the ball. advert