Clip 4 – 14 February 2019 - Law 20

The Cheetahs are attacking the Kings at speed. Flyhalf Tian Schoeman passes to left wing Rabz Maxwane who cuts inside before passing to Nico Lee on his right.

Lee passes to Schoeman who gives to flank Junior Pokomela, who steps inside and falls to ground for the try. He is on the ground with the ball grounded when the Kings' flank, CJ Velleman, dives onto him, hurting him.

The referee consults the TMO and the replays show that Pokomela scored and then Velleman came in low and hard, making contact with Pokomela's head.

The referee shows Velleman a red card as he sends him from the field. Schoeman takes the conversion and then the referee penalises the Kings at the middle of the half line.

Penalty try?

No. The try was scored. A penalty try is awarded only if the try was NOT scored but probably would have been but for foul play by the defenders.

Why the penalty on the half-way line? When the try is scored, the ball is dead.

A penalty is awarded here for foul play - a late and dangerous charge after the ball was dead. If the infringement occurs when the ball is dead, the place of the penalty is where play would have restarted.

The referee was right in allowing the conversion. Play would then restart with a kick-off by the Kings.

Law 20.2: Kick-offs are taken on or behind the centre of the half-way line. (For centre, read middle.)

The referee's action was correct. advert