Clip 4 – 21 February 2019 - Law 20

The referee penalises Wales on the half-way line. Tommaso Allan, the Italian flyhalf, steps up to kick for touch. He stands on the halfway line and runs forward. When he kicks he is more than five metres ahead of the place where the penalty was awarded.

Law 20.2: A penalty or free-kick is taken from where it is awarded or anywhere behind it on a line through the mark and parallel to the touchlines. When a penalty or free-kick is taken at the wrong place, it must be re-taken.

What Allan did is becoming the ordinary norm, it seems. It seems to be treated as a bit of law that does not matter - like putting the ball in straight at a scrum, being behind the ball at kick-offs, and foot-up. If it does not matter, why does the kicker do it? advert