Clip 3 – 7 March 2019 - Law 19

The Rebels overthrow a lineout and David Pocock of the Brumbies gets the ball. The Brumbies go through phases as they move across the field.

Two tackles later, sturdy James Slipper has the ball and Adam Coleman and Billy Meakes. The Brumbies get the ball and keep going left. Sam Talakai of the Rebels tackle Folau Fainga’a of the Brumbies and, as the players move to contest the tackle.

The referee stops play and turns back to Coleman and tells him that he needs to be checked. Coleman is on his feet at the time.

When Coleman had tackled Slipper he had taken a knock to the head and was rather shaky in getting to his feet.

Medics came on and Coleman was taken off for an HIA (Head Injury Assessment).

The referee restarted play with a scrum, Brumbies' ball.

The referee was right to stop play if he feared that Coleman had taken a knock to the head and was well aware that the referee's first responsibility is the safety and wellbeing of the players.

The scrum award is also correct.

Law 19.1

Stoppage: Stoppage because of injury
Location of scrum: Where the ball was last played
Who throws in: The team last in possession. advert