Clip 4 - 10 April 2019 - Law 18

The ball is loose and Matías Moroni dribbles/foots it ahead. He pushes Johnny Kotze aside to get to the ball and is penalised. The Bulls kick for touch on their right. Jaguares fullback, Emiliano dives at the ball and knocks it back into the field of play, where play goes on.

The ball was about four metres beyond the plane of touch when Boffelli played it and Boffelli landed well beyond that.

Was it right that play should have gone on? The on field commentator thought that it should not have.

Touch is a matter that has been much tampered with, and there is a recent amendment that covers this case.

Law 18.2: The ball is not in touch or touch-in-goal if:
A player jumps from the playing area and knocks (or catches and releases) the ball back into the playing area, before landing in touch or touch-in-goal, regardless of whether the ball reached the plane of touch.

The assistant was right to give the referee the thumbs-up.

The on field commentator was wrong. advert