Clip 4 – 23 April 2019 - Law 9

The Sunwolves put the ball into a scrum but a great thrust from the Hurricanes destroys the Sunwolves pack. The referee penalises the Sunwolves.

The ball still comes out of the scrum on the Sunwolves' side, and the Sunwolves' scrumhalf Fumiaki Tanaka picks up the ball and passes it back under pressure from Sam Henwood (20). Henwood picks Tanaka up off the ground and throws him over his hip to the ground. The referee penalises the Hurricanes.

The sequence of events is relevant. It is slow in writing but happened quickly in live action, as the clip will show.

The scrum disintegrates.
Tanaka picks up the ball and the referee blows his whistle to penalise the Sunwolves.
Tanaka passes the ball.
Henwood grabs Tanaka, moves him back two or three metres, picks him and throws him heavily to ground.

There are clear reasons to penalise Henwood

i. playing after the whistle
ii. Playing a player who no longer has the ball.
iii. Lifting a player off the ground and throwing him to ground.

i. Law 9.27 Players must stop playing immediately when the referee blows the whistle to stop play.
ii. Law 9.14 A player must not tackle an opponent who is not in possession of the ball.
iii. Law 9.18 A player must not lift an opponent off the ground and drop or drive that player so that their head and/or upper body make contact with the ground.

Further sanctions could have been applied to Henwood. advert