Clip 2 - 22 May 2019 - Law 11

The Blues are well inside their 22 when they win a scrum. No.8 Akira Ioane passes to scrumhalf Jonathan Ruru who passes to his flyhalf Harry Plummer. Plummer decides to kick but, as he does so, Marty McKenzie of the Chiefs charges the kick down.

The ball flies over the touch-in-goal line. The referee orders a drop-out.



The first point to make is that what McKenzie did was not a knock-on.

Law 11.5: The ball is not knocked-on, and play continues, if:
a. A player knocks the ball forward immediately after an opponent has kicked it (charge down).

McKenzie did not kick the ball but he took it from the field of play and made it dead by knocking it (legally) over touch-in-goal.

The pre-abbreviation law, which still obtains, is clear:

Law 22.7: (a) When an attacking player sends or carries the ball into the opponents' in-goal and it becomes dead there, either because a defender grounded it or because it went into touch-in-goal or on or over the dead-ball line, a drop out is awarded. advert