Clip 1 - 24 May 2019 - Law 19

The Bulls put the ball into a defensive scrum. They hook the ball and No.8 Duane Vermeulen holds it at the back of the scrum. The Bulls have a slight nudge forward.

The referee says to the Bulls: "Use it." He says it urgently three times. As he blows his whistle, the ball emerges. The referee orders a reset of the scrum with the Bulls to put the ball in.


Law 19.26: When the scrum is stationary and the ball has been available at the back of the scrum for three-five seconds, the referee calls “use it”. The team must then play the ball out of the scrum immediately.
Sanction: Scrum

That's all right, but whose ball is it?

Law 19.1:

Stoppage: Failure to “use it” at scrum, ruck or maul.
Location of scrum: In the scrum zone at the point closest to where the scrum, ruck or maul took place.
Who throws in: The team not in possession.

It should have been the Rebels' put-in, which they may well have liked. advert