Clip 3 - 3 June 2019 - Law 19

Ivan van Zyl of the Bulls puts the ball into the scrum. They hook the ball and then the scrum wheels with the looseheads going forward. The referee allows play to go on and when the ball comes loose the Blues win the ball back.

Is a scrum allowed to wheel?

Yes. A loud yes. For years and years, wheeling the scrum was a deliberate rugby tactic.

There is nothing in current laws, abbreviated or pre-abbreviation, that forbids the deliberate wheeling of the scrum. The only concern of the laws about the wheeling scrum is that it should be stopped when the scrum wheels beyond 90 degrees. Then it is to be reset.

Must a pack get a forward shove before deliberately wheeling? There is nothing in the laws to suggest that.

If one referees a wheeling scrum as the referee did in this case, it is within law.

There is the legal obligation to maintain binding throughout the scrum.

There is also law which states: Players my push provided they do so straight and parallel to the ground. advert