Clip 1 - 14 June 2019 - Law 19

The Bulls throw into a lineout. Helped up by RG Snyman, Jannes Kirsten catches the ball and immediately brings it down. Bulls forwards immediately pack round Kirsten, but the Lions want nothing to do with it. Instead they backpedal, most notably lock Rhyno Herbst.

The referee penalises the Lions.

When the Bulls packed around Kirsten they did not move away from their lineout position. That means that it was still a lineout when the Lions players moved away,

The pre-abbreviation laws, which still obtain, were clear.

Law 19.14 (e): No player of either team participating in the lineout may leave the lineout until it has ended.
Sanction: Penalty kick on the 15-metre line.

Which is what the referee did. advert