Clip 4 - 18 June 2019 - Law 19

The Stormers have the ball but Wilco Louw loses it. Hyron Andrews of the Sharks picks it up and charges forward some 12 metres into the Stormers' half where he is pulled down by Seabelo Senatla. Momentum takes Andrews a bit further. A heap of players’ forms and the referee blows the whistle to say that the ball was unplayable.

That meant a scrum, but whose ball?

The criteria for deciding whose put-in it is:

Law 19.1

Stoppage: An unplayable tackle or ruck.
Who throws in: The team last moving forward. If neither team was moving forward, the attacking team.

Attacking team: The opposition to the team in whose half play is taking place.

It came as a surprise when the scrum was awarded to the Stormers, because

i. the Sharks had moved forward several metres before the tackle.
ii. neither side seemed to be moving forward in the tackle and so, if Andrews's charge was not really relevant, then it should have been the Sharks' ball because they were in the Stormers' half. advert