Clip 4 - 25 June 2019 - Law 17

Richie Mo'unga of the Crusaders drops out deep into Jaguares territory. Pablo Matera of the Jaguares catches the ball and charges straight ahead.

Sam Whitelock and Braydon Ennor of the Crusaders stop Matera and hold him up. Immediately Mayco Vivas (17) and Julián Montoya join onto Matera in support, and then other players from each side join in. Matera gets his body down onto the ground and the group of players tumbles to ground. The referee blows his whistle and awards a scrum to the Crusaders.


The moment Vivas made contact with Matera, that group of players became a maul.

Maul: A phase of play consisting of a ball-carrier and at least one player from each team, bound together and on their feet.

It was a maul that tumbles to ground.

That Matera got his body to ground did not change the fact that it was a maul. A maul does not turn into a tackle.

When the maul tumbled to ground the ball was not immediately available. That ended the maul.

Law 17: A maul ends unsuccessfully when:
d. The ball-carrier goes to ground and the ball is not immediately available.
Sanction: Scrum.

Whose ball?

Law 19.1: Where the game is restarted with a scrum and which team throws in is determined as follows:
A maul that ends unsuccessfully.
The team not in possession at the start of the maul. If the referee cannot decide which team had possession, the team moving forward before the maul stopped. If neither team was moving forward, the attacking team.

The Jaguares had possession when the maul started. The referee's decision to award the scrum to the Crusaders was correct. advert