Clip 3 - 27 July 2019 - Law 19

Joaquín Diaz Bonilla, the Jaguares flyhalf, kicks the ball into touch and Codie Taylor, the Crusaders' hooker is to throw in. The Crusaders line up with four players in the line-out - Joe Moody, Michell Dunshee, San Whitelock and, at the back, Kieran Read.

Matt Todd takes up the position of receiver.

Taylor throws deep, Todd goes behind Reid and helps to lift him. Read catches the ball and comes to ground. A maul forms on the spot. It is static. Crusaders players, who were not taking part in the lineout, come forward to join the maul. The referee penalises them 10 metres back from the mark of touch (the line along which Taylor threw in from touch).

In penalising them, the referee says: "The lineout was not over."

The lineout ends when:
b. A ruck or maul forms and all of the feet of all of the players in the ruck or maul move beyond the mark of touch.

In this case the maul stayed on the mark of touch, which meant that the lineout was not over.

Players not participating in the lineout must remain at least 10 metres from the mark of touch on their own team’s side or behind the goal line if this is nearer.

The referee was right to penalise Douglas and others who came in to join the maul. advert