Clip 1 - 4 July 2019 - Law 19

The Jaguares have a scrum five metres from their own line and five metres from the touchline on their left. Tomás Cubelli pouts the ball into the scrum and Agustín Creevy hooks it.

The ball is in the scrum when Bryn Hall, the Crusader’s scrumhalf goes round behind his No.8 Kieran Read and moves infield.

Play goes on.

Should play have gone on?

30. Once play in the scrum begins, the scrum-half of the team not in possession:
a. Takes up a position with both feet behind the ball and close to the scrum but not in the space between the flanker and the number eight or
b. Permanently retires to a point on the offside line either at that team’s hindmost foot, or
c. Permanently retires at least five metres behind the hindmost foot.

As Hall moves infield he stays carefully behind Read's back foot, and so he complies with b. above.

It was right that play was allowed to go on. advert