Clip 3 - 15 July 2019 - Law 8

Western Province attack. Seabelo Senatla breaks but is tackled by Manie Libbok. The ball comes back to Justin Philips who passes to SP Marais (15) who passes to Ruhan Nel (13).

Wiehahn Herbst, Divan Rossouw and Ruan Steenkamp bring Nel to ground just short of the line. Nel is tackled - held and on the ground. He then reaches out and grounds the ball over the goal-line. The referee awards the try.

Law 8 TRY
2. A try is scored when an attacking player:
d. Is tackled near to the opponents’ goal line and the player immediately reaches out and grounds the ball.

Beware of using "double movement", as it is often ambiguous in its use. What a player is not allowed to do is keep possession of the ball and at the same time move his body forward to get close enough to reach out.

In this case the try was the correct decision. advert