Clip 1 - 19 July 2019 - Law 19

The Blue Bulls have a scrum. They win the ball and push the scrum forward. After giving the Blue Bulls a chance to gain an advantage, the referee returns to penalise Western Province at the scrum.

Robbie Kempson, a former Springbok prop and currently involved in coaching at a high level, is the commentator and believes that the Blue Bulls should have been penalised.

Wian Vosloo (7) of the Blue Bulls is initially packing behind his tighthead, Wiehahn Herbst, but as the scrum goes on Vosloo moves up till he is binding onto Herbst (a prop) and swings round to make direct contact with Corné Fourie, the Western Province loosehead.

We quote first from the abbreviated law (Law 19) and then from the pre-abbreviated law (Law 20) which is still applicable.

5. When both teams have 15 players, eight players from each team bind together in formation as outlined in the diagram. Each team must have two props and one hooker in the front row and two locks in the second row. Three back-row players from each team complete the scrum. Sanction: Penalty.

7. The players in the scrum bind in the following way:

a. The props bind to the hooker.
b. The hooker binds with both arms. This can be either over or under the arms of the props.
c. The locks bind with the props immediately in front of them and with each other.
d. All other players in the scrum bind on a lock’s body with at least one arm.
Sanction: Penalty.


(e) Number of players: eight. A scrum must have eight players from each team. All eight players must stay bound to the scrum, till it ends. Each front row must have three players in it, no more and no less. Two locks form the second row.
Sanction: Penalty kick

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